Things About Bathroom Remodeling You Have To Experience It Yourself

Sinks out of here we on this tile installation we don’t want to pay for a retrial so anyways I think that it as far as the Brakemen goes need to document that and then we’ll meet down we’ll take picture of everything you know we always do that when we get done outside of that right now we’re done okay so so in Fresno we’re back in the hall bath this one’s we’ve been letting.

It set for a while we’re getting ready to hook it up we flushed some water out here you know there’s a brand new line and they’ve been flushed previously because you have this old iron pipe in the home you need a lot of debris through here and I know you did mention at the master bath on the left hand side the hot was completely clogged even though you’re getting water down below.

If you go up to the old faucet you get in the water so it’s been replaced and it’s no here’s what you’re going to face with this home and that’s forever you can see right in the middle down there that is grit it’s sand grit everything that’s in our well water light doesn’t help much but that this is just about half a gallon of water and you can see what’s come through so when you turn.

These on that’s what comes up through your faucets and hopefully it doesn’t clog anything it has a clogged with supply lines they’re pretty good size unless you get big chunks you should be okay but and on these you do have aerators that you can take out and clean but once that debris clogged the tubing interior to that faucet you’re done you got to replace the faucet so there’s nothing we can do about that your piping is old that’s just what it is so I just wanted to give you a heads up on that so we’re going to get this buttoned up and then.

Why Is Bathroom Remodeling Considered Underrated?

Want tout something here Bathroom remodel photo gallery potpourri warmer odor some little lamp or something so there’s that again they’re routed through the GUCCI which is really important and I think that all the little things that I did yesterday Oh also put in a couple of studs this afternoon I got a buddy coming over to help me do some drywall so in preparing for that I realized that there was missing stud here as well as here so Added those oh and the mold that was on this wall and the dampness so used wire brush scraped.

off a significant amount of the black-and-white spotted mold with a mask on and safety glasses and then wash the clothes and took shower as tough as nasty after that Used kills white primer paint actually it skills too and that has a water bandana antimicrobial so that stuff is really good and that will keep the bleeding at bay as far as any residual mold or dampness coming through it’s tiny bit coming through right there even after about six coats but this stuff isa really really good in fact I had contractor friend of mine over yesterday.

we were talking and showing them what Was doing and he mentioned that’s what he would use so I was glad to hear that so with the drywall about to get started I went through once again and looked around for nails coming out of the studs because there can be anything the drive wants to go on a totally flat surface knowing that can be protruding is the things that you want to protrude like electrical boxes pipes and things like-that so I think we’re pretty well prepared here and here where lights will be coming out actually technically not the way it’s supposed to be done you’re supposed to put a power box there similar to that one and have it protrude out quarter.

Inch to a half inch for the drywall but I just want like a little hole here in the drywall for this to come out of just to increase the amount of flexibility I have where I can put the light if there was a big old box there.