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Making sure I’ll miss anything I’m happy with that I’m going to clean my work area up a little bit okay now I feel good about that I’m going to re-wet this again I’m not going to drown it with water just enough to do what I needed to do I want to use this out kind of let my fingers hit a little bit and it’s not to touch anything but I don’t I’m just going to carefully.

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Pull this out places to Window Tinting Service the side now what I’m going to do is look through my platinum easy reach that is my favorite tool for this step and I’m going to try to figure out how to work this film and all the cracks in under the seal and one of the things I like to do is I like to come to the middle here just kind of pick up on it a little bit and bring it over.

so that I can window tinting service kind of work on the sides and then I want to create the space I need right here which I’m doing and I’m going to just kind of work work it over to the other side now I’ve already cut this film so that it’s you know.

maybe about an eighth of an inch below this seal I’ll see I’ll pull that corner over and then let it drop let it drop now I’ve overheated this.

so I know I’ve ensured that Window Tinting Service I don’t have any moisture to cause me any fingers I’m going to carefully just re wet this second slide I squeeze you a little bit better I’m not going too hard.

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To it in this step so you see the double snap has created that tension you see that finger I’m literally going to pull this finger this way watch what happens on the other side there’s a small one there there’s.

just a little tension here at the bottom that’s going to work in my favor and I’m going to see I’m starting from the middle here I’m just going to kind of pull.